Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park

If you like to enjoy and rest in the middle of nature, the Tayrona park offers you magical places and beaches. Contemplate beautiful landscapes between the blue of the sea and the sky.
If you like natural adventures you can go horseback riding, jump off large rocks and dive on beaches with varieties of corals. You can also go trekking in the ruins of an ancient village of the Tayrona tribe.

LAND TRANSPORTATION $ 44.000 Round trip
BOAT TRANSPORTATION $ 90.000 Round trip

Foreigns: $42.000 – Colombians: $16.000 – students under 25 years old: $8.500 ACCOMMODATION: CABO SAN JUAN HAMMOCK/TENT $25.000

  • Daily departures from the hostel, by bus aprox. 8:00am (75 minutes)
  •  Daily departures from Taganga beach by boat  aprox. 10.00am. (50 minutes)
  • The boat return aprox. 4:00pm from Cabo San Juan.
  • The bus return aprox. 5:00pm from the main entrance of the park.
  • You are able to go back any other day but you will need to make it clear in your reservation.
  • The entrance fee, alimentation and drinks are not included.
  • Recomendation: Bring a copy of your passport or ID and student card in case you have it.

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