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There are many ways to go to the tayrona park, by your own means, with the hostel nirvana or you can go with an agency that provides you with a guide, (which is not necessary) whatever your case, we recommend you stay one night minimum inside the tayrona, since walking for more than 7 hours to enter and exit the tayrona park is not worth it, you do not enjoy any beach, you will only take beautiful photos and few memories, so it is best to go at least one night, already Whether in tent or hammock.
You can go by boat or by road, with or without an agency, the best way would be to go with the Nirvana Hostel and you’ll see why. This article will explain you ALL, AND THE BEST WAY TO GO TO TAYRONA PARK.

The first and most common and economical is to go by your own means, it is very easy, a bit awkward, very hot, with many stops and street vendors on the bus, but remember,  the most economical
You must take a bus to the central market of Santa Marta, the value is 1800 pesos, behind the  central market there is the bus station Tayrona. Remember before buying water and some food in the supermarkets in the area, they are very economical.
keep in mind that you cannot carry plastic bags inside the Tayrona park, so you should carry cloth bags and water in a small tank.

Already on the bus to our destination you will have to pay 10,000 pesos and after one hour by road you arrive at the main entrance of tayrona park, (el saino) where you will have to pay the entrance, the value for foreigners is 60,000 pesos, Inside From the Tayrona you can take a minibus to the parking lot, Its cost is 3.000 pesos, After a few minutes on the roads inside the park you will have two options, pay to go on horseback or walk for 3 hours on different beautiful beaches ….. Until you reach the most visited place, Cabo San Juan, its beach is the most beautiful and you can bathe without restrictions. for this reason the camping area is the most expensive, but you can go to other cheaper camping areas in the tayrona park: bermúdez, don pedro, arrecifes and others that you will see along the way, the problem that to bathe in the allowed beaches (la piscina and cabo san juan) you will have to walk between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the camping area.
In some places you can find a restaurant, but if your idea is to save money, bring your own side dish. The prices within the camping areas change according to the date, but expensive and keep in mind. NEVER BUY CAMP RESERVATIONS AT THE PARK ENTRY, they are usually the worst inside.
After enjoying a night or more inside the tayrona park you will have to leave as you arrived, walking 3 hours to the parking lot, take another mini bus to pay 3,000 pesos to the main entrance and on the road wait for a bus that goes to Santa Marta and pay 10,000 pesos. This would finally be the cheapest way to get to the Tayrona park and leave.
You could also return by boat, in this case the day you plan to return you should look for the boat next to the beach of Cabo San Juan. you must reserve your seat, the last boat leaves at 4pm in the afternoon, it is very important that you book with time as soon as the boat arrives during the midday.

And this is ANOTHER WAY TO GET TO THE TAYRONA PARK In Lancha, it is not the cheapest but you can get directly to the beaches of cabo san juan. as ?  … you must go to the beaches of taganga before 10:00 am and reserve a quota, be careful the road to the tayrona park is against the wind so the waves are strong. a boat trip has a value of 70,000 thousand pesos, 140,000 thousand pesos round trip.

THE BEST WAY TO GET TO THE TAYRONA PARK is with the hostel nirvana, at 8:00 AM to leave in air transportation by direct conditioning to the tayrona park from santa marta and taganga without stops from the hostel door to the parking lot, beyond the entrance main of tayrona park, which saves you time and money, after walking or taking a horse recommended experience if your budget is eaten you will enjoy paradise in Colombia its beaches and its landscape. A secret, from Cabo San Juan you can walk 4 hours along a marked path, to an ancestral place called pueblito chaimara, it is the 2nd city lost, remember that it is a secret, not many people come here, so the connection is more personal . Very recommended.
Finally we recommend you do it by boat, the sea is quieter and the landscape is spectacular, you can see the tayrona park from another perspective, cross its waters and some virgin beaches little visited, you will closely see the water island, the hottest rock inside from the waters of the tayrona. a sacred place for the natives and ideal for diving.  before reaching taganga you can appreciate the best sunset of your life, I assure you.
In the end you will only need two Wi-Fi things to share your entire adventure and a courtesy cocktail for. Remember that this promotion only applies to people who read this post.

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