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Minca Full Tour

Minca Full Tour

How to get there and what to do in Minca from Taganga, Santa Marta?

Minca is a small coffee town, more than 800 meters above sea level and particularly 14 km from Santa Marta beach, with constant cold temperatures and rainfall, consisting of wells and beautiful waterfalls.
Here, you can visit coffee and chocolate farms between mountains and landscapes, drink Colombian drinks. Some of the most intrepid will visit the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

There are two ways to get to Minca from Taganga.
The first way is the most comfortable, safe and economical way to get to Minca from Santa Marta and Taganga, buy a #NirvanaTours from the nirvana Taganga hostel, every day the jeep leaves the hostel, also pick you up at the door of your hostel if not you are in nirvana,
At 10AM we are leaving for minca, After an hour of mountainous landscapes we arrive directly POZO AZUL, a beautiful place full of nature with several waterfalls and jets of very cold crystalline water that come from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You can explore the different wells along the river, the farther fences the more private the place will be.
After a few hours we go out to the giant hammock to see one of the best sunsets from the mountain, you can see the city of Santa Marta, the horizon of the sea and the sun hide. Magical!
Finally we leave in the jeep and arrive at Taganga at 7pm

The second way is to take a bus from Taganga to the local market * 7Min. This bus costs 1,800 pesos, then take the Minca bus (8,000 pesos, * 1 hour). Already in minca: to go to the BLUE WELL you can walk 90 minutes or take a motorcycle (10,000 pesos) to the blue well, where you can enjoy the waterfalls.
To return to the town of Minca in the same way, walking 90 minutes or by motorcycle. (10,000 pesos)
To get to the giant hammock of Casa Element, you must take a motorcycle or a jeep (20,000 pesos) from the Plaza Centro de Minca, to enter the hammock you must pay 10,000 pesos, to return you must go to the town by motorcycle or jeep (20,000 pesos), then Bus to the market (8,000 pesos) and in front of the market a bus to taganga (1,800 pesos)

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